The University of Glasgow campus is quite cosy – you can get from one side of campus to the other in under five minutes, though it might not feel that way when you arrive. The pain is trying to find out where every antiquatedly named buildings is, and where the various historically named rooms are within them. There’ll be legions of freshers helpers around dressed in brightly coloured t-shirts who you can ask if you do get lost, and we’ve also prepared a handy map of campus showing all the main venues in which freshers’ week activities will be taking place.

Campus Map

One tip for making navigating around campus a little easier: the first digit of a room number usually indicates which floor that room is on. So room 204, is room 4 on floor 2, and room 401 is on the fourth floor. Floors are numbered from 1 upwards, even if floor 1 is the sub basement so sometimes the ground floor will be level 4, and due to the hills some buildings have more than one ground floor… So make sure to check the signage before you climb 3 flights of stairs for no reason.