What is Freshers’ Week?

A festival to launch you into University life, run by the four student organisations on campus — GUSA, GUU, QMU & SRC — this is the biggest student party of your four years at University. You’ll already have an idea what student life is all about, but by the end of Freshers’ Week — you’ll know. The party only lasts a week but the Freshers’ Week experience will stay with you for life.

What happens in Freshers’ Week?

There are events running all week from 10am to 2am the next morning. Ranging from bands and DJs in the Unions at night to tours of campus, seminars and film screenings during the day. Last year saw acts like Twin Atlantic, Jaguar Skills, Edith Bowman and Ministry of Sound pack the dance floors across campus. Meanwhile in the bars, fresh comedy from Craig Campbell and Abandoman, hypnotists and pub quizzes kept the crowds entertained during the day.

On top of that, there’s also bus tours, introduction sessions to student media, student activism and volunteering, sports taster sessions and of course the only official Freshers’ Fair, which provides the opportunity to meet clubs and societies and grab some awesome freebies from loads of different companies and organisations.

A guide to the week with full listings, times and maps will be included with your Freshers’ Pass in September. Until then you can stay in the loop via this site and the Freshers’ Week 2016 Facebook page and Twitter.

What’s a Freshers’ Pass?

Freshers’ Week is exclusively for new students of the University of Glasgow and the Freshers’ Pass is the only way to gain entry to every event on campus throughout Freshers’ Week 2016. It also gives you access to the late night bus service to ensure you get home safe after a night out. Passes cost £45, plus a £2 booking fee.

Will the Freshers’ Pass get me into all the events of the week?

Yes. The pass will get you free entry into all the evening events run by the four student bodies and any club or society associated with the University of Glasgow between 12th–16th September 2016 as well as some additional events at the weekend (check the GUU and QMU on Facebook for details). Events during the day, for example Freshers’ Fair, do not require a pass for entry.

How much is a Freshers’ Pass?

The 2016 Freshers’ Pass costs just £45. That’s a quarter of the price of most festivals which only last for two days, not five!

How do I buy a Freshers’ Pass?

You can register and purchase your Freshers’ Pass online now, it takes about five minutes (most of which you’ll spend trying to find a photo that’ll be printed on it) and you can pay via Paypal. When you’ve completed your registration you’ll get an email confirming the purchase. Online pass sales end on Friday 9th September at 1pm sharp.

Receiving your email confirms that you’re all signed up for a pass — there’ll be one waiting for you when you arrive in Freshers’ Week! All you need to do is print it out and bring it along with you to the pick-up point to collect your pass.

The final way to get hold of a pass is in person. If you arrive in Glasgow before Freshers’ Week, you can come to the Welcome Point in the John McIntyre Building before 3pm on the 9th September with a postal registration form, payment in cash and two passport photographs and you’ll get a receipt so you can pick up your pass with everyone else. If you won’t arrive in Glasgow until Freshers’ Week itself, then you can bring your completed form, photos and some cash along to the Freshers’ Pass pick-up point (Room 201, McIntyre Building) to register for a pass on collection day, after that, you can buy one from SRC Reception at any point during the week.

Which address should I put on my Freshers’ Pass Registration Form?

We use the address you give us online or on the form only for reference. The important part is your email address where we will be sending your confirmation email. No Freshers’ Passes will be sent though the post.

Where do I collect my pass?

To pick up your Freshers’ Pass, you need to come to the Freshers’ Pass pick-up point after 9am on Monday 12th September, ideally with your confirmation email or a form of photo I.D. The pick-up point this year will be the McIntyre Building, Room 201, there’ll be helpers and signposts to make sure you find it okay and this information will also be on your email confirmation to make sure you don’t forget. If you can’t pick it up then, they can be collected from the Welcome Point in the same building between 9am and 4pm every day or at the doors to the unions at the evening events.

What happens if i’ve lost my pass?

If you lose your pass you can come tothe Welcome Point, in the John McIntyre building, any day Mon-Fri between 9am and 4pm to get a replacement pass. Outwith those times, venues hosting events requiring a pass will have a database of pass holders so all you need to do is bring photo I.D to the event to gain access (though you’ll probably have to queue a bit longer at the doors).

Who can come to Freshers’ Week?

Relatives, friends, and students from other universities are not allowed. Only first year students at the University of Glasgow — i.e. Freshers only and you will be asked to prove you are a Glasgow Fresher at some point in the week.

Will Freshers’ week be accessible for me?

We strive to make Freshers’ Week accessible for all. For enquiries about disability access and support, please get in touch with the Disability Service at [email protected] or phone 0141 330 5497.

I’m 17 in September, can I still buy a pass and go to events?

Yes. Both the QM and the GUU have an arrangement so that 17 year old Freshers are considered temporary members for the week, this means that although you can’t purchase alcohol, you can still attend all the events. When Freshers’ Week is over, 17 year olds can become full members of the Unions to attend weekly events.

I’m a postgraduate or Erasmus/exchange student, can I still buy a pass and go to events?

Yes. All students new to Glasgow University this coming academic year are eligible to buy a Freshers’ Pass and take part in Freshers’ Week events, including postgraduate students, students transferring from Glasgow International College, exchange students and Erasmus students. If you are new to Glasgow, Freshers’ Week is for you!

I was in first year last year but withdrew from university. Can I go to Freshers’ Week this year?

Yes, but only if you have registered to be a first year student again this year.

Is Freshers’ Week only about entertainment and fun? What about registration and induction?

There’s also a lot of important official stuff you need to make sure you take care of during Freshers’ Week. You need to register your details with the university and go to a couple of induction lectures for each of your classes. The University manage all of this side of things and have a section of practical information you need to know for Freshers’ Week.

My question isn’t here!

Have we still not answered your question? Get in touch with the SRC and they’ll be able to help you out. Call them on 0141 330 5360 or email [email protected]. Alternatively, you can use our Contact Form.