You’ve arrived at the only site which will provide a definitive list of all the information about Freshers’ Week 2017, including all events and entertainment that will be going on around campus between 11th-15th September 2017. We’ve also got answers to common questions and a map of the campus in case you find yourself getting lost at any point (you will, guaranteed).

To find out what’s on, check out our Events Calendar and get your UofG New Student Welcome App!

What is Freshers’ Week

Freshers’ Week is a cross-campus festival built to propel you into university life with more than a hundred events in over twenty different locations spread across five full days and nights. You’ll get the inside track on how to make the most of your time outside of the classroom with events taking you to every corner of campus, giving you the chance to fully experience what it means to be a student at the University of Glasgow.

What’s in it for me?

University isn’t just about studying and leaving with a degree. It’s about gaining life experiences, discovering new passions and achieving things that you never thought you would. Freshers’ Week is the first step of this journey.

There’s a full programme of day and night-time events and activities designed by the four student bodies to introduce you to campus life and to help you meet like-minded people.

Freshers’ Week is all about sharing experiences, and it’s likely that at least a few of the people you meet in this first seven days will still be playing a big part in your life four years down the line. Some of these people will be the ones you party til dawn with; the people you’ll phone when you need a bit of inspiration when it gets to 4am and your essay is due in at midday; your future business partners… Anything can happen in these first few days and it is up to you to make the most of it.

What’s on?

Students at Glasgow are spoilt for choice during Freshers’ Week due to the University’s unique position of having not one, but four student-led unions; all of which are extremely active in providing services to students, albeit in different ways.

There is the Students’ Representative Council (SRC), concerned with student welfare, volunteering and representing students to the University. The Glasgow University Sports Association (GUSA) oversees the sports clubs and recreation activities. Then there are the Queen Margaret Union (QMU) and the Glasgow University Union (GUU), two entertainment / social unions with unique heritages who offer their own take on a similar range of services to students, such as a relaxed place to eat, drink and socialise, club nights and places to study when the library gets too packed.

As you can imagine, having four separate student bodies means that there is a healthy amount of cross-campus rivalry, which reaches a climax during Freshers’ Week. Over the five days, the unions and their helpers go above and beyond to serve up special events and souped-up versions of their regular weekly fayre to try and top their campus rivals and tempt you to become part of their community. On top of this, you have over a 300 student societies, 50 sports clubs and seven student media groups all looking for you to join their gang.

The Freshers’ Band allows you full access to everything these groups have on offer. Not every event will require you to present it, particularly some of those that take place during the day, but for all of the big night-time parties the band is a must.

Read more about what each of the student bodies have on offer on the Events page.


In order to take advantage of all the events of Freshers’ Week you’ll need a #UofGfw17 Freshers’ Band. They cost £45 and are the only way to gain entry into all the events throughout the week. Check out the Freshers’ Band Registration page for information on how to get your band.

Please note that Freshers’ Bands are for students studying at the University of Glasgow starting in the academic year 2017/2018. Anyone who isn’t a new student discovered attempting to purchase or use a Freshers’ Band may not be eligible for a refund.


For enquiries about disability access and support, please get in touch with the Disability Service at [email protected] or phone 0141 330 5497

The QMU provides access to the building via a disabled ramp and all floors via the lifts. Qudos has a disabled viewing platform available for booking in advance that can be reserved and QMU staff will arrange to meet the student and escort them to the platform. The QMU also allows free entry to an approved carer if required

The GUU is also accessible on all levels/rooms to those requiring disabled access. Disabled access to the Old building is via the back lane or Beer Bar with a lift that provides access to all floors. The GUU Extension is also served by a lift and provides access between both the extension and the Old Building.